Meet Veronica


Veronica, the owner of Little Seedlings Nutrition & Lactation LLC, is a Registered Dietitian and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant with over 17 years of experience helping families overcome barriers holding them back from living optimally. Veronica combines her expertise as a skilled nutrition therapist and lactation consultant to support parents in nourishing themselves, their babies and their families with the confidence they deserve. 

Inspired by her own motherhood journey and seeing how important support was in the early days, Veronica’s guidance comes full circle to support parents in navigating newborn feeding, transitioning to solid foods, selective eating and postpartum health. 

Veronica began her journey in nutrition at Sam Houston State University where she completed a Combined M.S. in Dietetics and Dietetic Internship Program. Since then, she has gained extensive experience working one-on-one with individuals and families during her years at Head Start, Early Childhood Intervention and in the corporate wellness world.

As a busy mom of three, Veronica understands the frustrations that often come with feeding a household. Not only is the media full of conflicting information, but all households are very different with kids of various temperaments and preferences. The “one-size-fits-all” approach doesn’t work for most families. 

She has experienced first hand challenges that come with postpartum fatigue, breastfeeding a critically ill child, selective eating, growth concerns, food allergies, constipation and the ever changing food preferences of toddlers. 

“I grew up as a ‘picky eater’ kid and dreaded mealtimes. As I began to study nutrition and learned about WHY we eat and the many benefits food provides, I began exploring new foods. Having a healthy relationship with food is so important and that starts at birth. After having my first child I realized feeding a kid wasn’t as easy as it looked. I’ve learned so much throughout my career, but what I continue to learn everyday as a mother is invaluable! I want to share it with others, so I made it my mission to help as many families as possible gain confidence in feeding their child, so they too can raise a happy and healthy family.” – Veronica Muniz

Veronica views nutrition as a whole family approach and believes it is important to raise children in an environment where food is viewed as fun, nourishing and positive. Early on in her career she knew she loved working with children and their caretakers and found it so rewarding to connect directly with families. Veronica focuses on addressing the root causes of health issues rather than just treating symptoms. She uses a combination of dietary interventions, supplements, lifestyle changes, and other holistic approaches to help clients achieve their health goals and collaborates with other healthcare providers, as needed, to provide comprehensive care for her clients.

In her free time, you can find Veronica running, hiking, gardening with her kids or relaxing with a book in hand. 

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